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Certification Renewal

Spinning® Instructor Certification Renewal

Your Spinning® instructor certification expires 2 years after the day you pass your Spinning® Instructor Certification exam. Keep your certification active and master the skills you need to teach unforgettable classes by earning at least 14 SPIN® CECs before your expiration date. Plus, current SPIN Members receive a 50% discount on their certification renewal fee (savings of €35).

We are working on improving the website and your CECs are temporarily not available to view when you sign into your account. We apologize for the inconvenience and will be adding this feature soon. To find out how many SPIN® CECs you've earned to date, please call +31 1059 04508


How to Earn CECs

From live workshops to online learning, Spinning offers a variety of ways to earn SPIN® CECs.

Online Recertification Course

Every 2 years you must earn at least 14 SPIN® Continuing Education Credits (CECs) to renew your Spinning instructor certification. Our online certification renewal course allows you to earn all the SPIN® CECs you need and get the latest Spinning program updates at the same time. This convenient course includes a home study course with essential topics such as form and technique, class design and music selection, periodization, nutrition, the mind/body connection and more.

To register for the course in Spanish or German, click one of the following links: Register (German), Register (Spanish).




Certification Renewal Fee

If you have completed the required 14 SPIN® CECs, you may pay a €70 renewal fee to renew your certification.

Renew Now

Renew Your SPIN® Membership

If you are not a current SPIN® Member, join or renew now to enjoy significant savings on Online Recertification, training, products and more. SPIN® Membership also provides you with expert advice and resources to enhance your knowledge and teach amazing classes.

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