Spinning® BIO™ Wireless Computer

Spinning® BIO™ Wireless Computer

Introducing the latest innovation in Spinning® computers! Our new Spinning BIO™ Wireless Computer is better than ever and will provide the perfect metric measurements and feedback to make your Spinning® training a success at home! The easy-to-read, wireless monitor on our NEW Spinning® BIO™ Wireless Computer will continuously display the following:

  • Cadence
  • Speed
  • Time
  • Distance
  • Calories



This unique design contains exclusive features:

Easy Installation: Adapter fits all Spinner® bikes

Wireless Cadence Sensor: For accurate tracking of revolutions per minute

Automatic Start/Stop: The monitor automatically starts when exercise begins and turns off 4 minutes after exercise stops

Countdown Timer: Can be set for distance or time

Batteries Included: For all components

Warranty: One year limited warranty for home use only

PLEASE NOTE: This computer and sensor are designed to work specifically with Spinner® bikes made by Mad Dogg Athletics (Branded SPIN®, SPINNING® or SPINNER®). Although designed to work with other indoor cycling brands, we cannot guarantee performance as gear ratios differ across brands. Before ordering for any bike OTHER than a Spinner® bike, please insure that the gear ratio is 3.25:1 and the flywheel is in the same relative location as a Spinner® bike. If you are placing this computer on a Spinner Sprint you will need a longer screw which we will provide, please contact customer service at (800) 847.SPIN.

Model Number:5941REV1
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SKU: 5941REV1
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    Wireless Computer

    Posted by Ebony on Oct 11th 2017

    Could live without so practical to my spinning and developments monitoring.

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    Spinning BIO Wireless Computer

    Posted by Rebecca Buchanan on Jan 12th 2017

    I purchased the Spinning Bio Wireless computer & attached it to an old Schwinn bike. I had no problems attaching the sensor and sensor reader to the front fly wheel and bike frame. The piece that mounts to the handle bar so you can slide the monitor on and off of it isn't a perfect fit since it isn't a Spinning bike but was able to attach it firmly with zip ties. Looks fine and is totally secure. Great little computer.

  • 5
    Spinning BIO Wireless Computer

    Posted by Sharon Fisk on Jan 12th 2017

    This is one great little computer. I'm not mechanically inclined and I still installed it on my spin bike all by myself. Easy to install and easy to operate. This is my kind of computer! My spin bike is not one of the Spinner brand. I have a Tuffstuff 350 SB and it still was easy to install and works like a charm! Definitely a good buy.

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    Spinning BIO Wireless Computer

    Posted by Sharon F. on Jan 12th 2017

    This is an excellent little computer! It has made a world of difference in my home spin sessions. I'm not the least bit mechanically inclined and was still able to install it all by myself in a matter of minutes. I'm so very glad I decided to buy this one instead of the Cateye I had been considering.

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    Spinning BIO Wireless Computer

    Posted by angela dunn on Jan 12th 2017

    The Best Computer system for a spinning bike! I had tried the Cateye brand, it sadly did not deliver. This Bio Wireless by Mad Dogg, was absolutely the easiest and easiest installation, literally took me lessless than five minutes.I have never had such an easier time with installing anything in my life! I could buy this again and again if I ever need to. Love all of their products. They have always been superb on quality, satisfaction and customer service and reliability. Thank You to Everyone for the great products that you build and supply for all of wanting to make exercise part of our daily lives. Thanks again for all you do. Angela Dunn

  • 5
    Spinning BIO Wireless Computer

    Posted by Tom Hochulski, Buffalo, NY on Jan 12th 2017

    I just bought the Spinning Bio computer for my Pro Form 290 SPX. It works great. I tweaked the install since I had to mount the transmitter on the chain guard. But all in all well worth the investment, I am getting a more consistent workout and can gauge my progress during my Spinervals rides